Press release


According to the first estimates obtained by the Spanish Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (ASCRI), through the European platform EDC, the volume of private capital investment in Spain reached €1,125M in the first quarter of 2021, 84% more than in the same of period last year, in a total of 236 deals.

Of the total number of investments closed over this period, 207 were Venture Capital deals and 29 were Private Equity deals. The volume of Venture Capital investment experienced a significant growth, with €542M distributed among the 207 transactions mentioned above, representing an increase of 466% in value and 50% in the number of deals compared to the same period of 2020.

In middle market (investments between €10M-€100M), 18 deals were closed.

Aquilino Peña, President of ASCRI, said: “Venture Capital has been the major player of this first quarter of the year, both in terms of volume and number of investments. The middle market is showing signs of great dynamism, continuing with the trend started in 2020. If several large deals take place, we could be facing a great year in terms of investment value. Spain still maintains its attractiveness for international investors and the beginning of the year promises a strong reactivation of M&A and, therefore, of divestments. Today, as never before, with a major economic crisis, companies backed by Private Capital firms are much more resilient and much more prepared to capture the opportunities of recovery, growth and job creation”.

Note to the editor:

The Spanish Association of Capital, Growth and Investment (ASCRI in its Spanish acronym) represents the Venture Capital & Private Equity industry in Spain. Chaired by Aquilino Peña, it brings together more than 140 national and international Venture Capital & Private Equity firms, 90 service providers and 14 institutional investors. Its objectives include to represent the sector before the Government and institutions, to provide updated statistical information and to promote the sector’s contribution to the Spanish business fabric.